Gimpy products to make life easier

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Update : my little one has used these everyday for over a year.   They are still working perfectly and they even look new which is surprising considering how rough and tumble N is.  I am so pleased with them and I would still recommend them to anybody.



Zoomie’s magnetic shoe closures


My son is autistic and has neither the fine motor skills nor the patience to learn how to tie his shoes. My arthritis is getting too bad for me to tie my own, much less his. This was a great way for him to be able to put on his own shoes. I love how they are fully customizable for any size shoe. Plus he loves to watch the magnets click together and shows them to everyone. I know that these were intended for runners but they are gimpy girl approved and everyone needs a pair. Thank you for allowing me to purchase at a discount for the purpose of testing and reviewing. However, this has no bearing on my comments or opinions expressed. I have no connection to the seller or manufacturer. As always, my reviews are completely honest and unbiased.