What just happened?!?!


Aside from the obvious “what kind of a hamster assassin decides that flushing it down the toilet is a good way to deal this situation?”, I have so many questions about this story, starting with:

When did hamsters and peacocks become service animals?

Both N and I have service dogs that do various things to make us more functional. What can a hamster do? Is it relaxing to watch them run on a wheel? Can you hug a peacock for comfort?

The airline originally said the hamster was welcome on the plane, then they said she would need to make other arrangements for it. What kind of travel arrangements would that be?

Are there hamster specific airlines? Can you call up a travel agent that specializes in rodents? Could she just dress it up like the Travelocity gnome and try to smuggle it in on another flight?

She’s going to sue?!?

What does she plan on getting out of Spirit Airlines in a lawsuit? A bag of peanuts? A tiny bottle of vodka?