What is a “flâneur”? Don’t feel dumb if you don’t know. Until I read an article in The New York Times by writer Marian Ryan, I didn’t know either. I was also reintroduced to the concept of “ableism”, which I am still wrapping my head around. She reminisces about her pre-disability days wandering through […]

via MARIAN RYAN talks about “Flânerie” and “Ableism” in The New York Times — and I relate — Forced to Sit Still & Shut Up — How Disability Made Me Live Mindfully

Butt hurt for the blind

I have similar experiences when I am out without my husband. People just start pushing my wheelchair to “help” me or to just push me out of their way without a word. Could you imagine if I just shoved someone in the back to “help” them move faster? I would say that we are treated like children, but I think they would be polite enough to at least speak to a child before touching them.