Massage Guns: Are They Worthy of the Hype?

I am incredibly frugal, possibly a full blown cheapskate. Despite the expense, I used to get deep tissue massages on a regular basis. It helped a great deal with my pain and reduced my muscle spasms. Since I can no longer stand after my last pregnancy, I can’t get on the table without assistance. My husband has positioned me a few times, but it was rather awkward for the massage therapist.

I have been looking for an alternative, but it’s harder than I thought it would be. The first problem is that most things that are labeled “massagers” are actually “marital aids”. There’s nothing wrong with those, but I am already well stocked in that department. Others were weak and practically useless. Some were dangerous for someone with limited sensation. In particular, the shiatsu style mats can dig into sensitive areas like the spine or pinch nerves.

I have read rave reviews about the new massage guns, but I was concerned about the price. I found a very good deal, but for the regular price of this one I could buy four mid range massagers. Could it really be worth it? I’m thrilled to report that it is.

Even before I used it, I was impressed by the case. It’s an expensive piece of equipment so I like that the designers recognized right away that it needed a case. It’s handy for keeping the attachments and charger together, but it is also well cushioned. On the off chance that you drop it, it will be as good as new. I think the case is a must if you plan to travel with it.

It comes with 5 different attachments and they all have a specific purpose. My husband’s favorite is the 2 pronged one that is designed to go down the spinal column. It’s not appropriate for me around and below my injury level, but most people would not have this problem.

This accordion looking attachment is my favorite. The bouncy texture of the silicone seems to cushion the gun a bit more than the other ones. I found it particularly helpful in areas that I couldn’t see like my lower back (hypermoblity comes in handy sometimes, but it still doesn’t give me eyes in the back of my head). It also ensured that it wasn’t too intense on areas that I couldn’t feel.

This firm, yet not too dense ball is amazing on large muscle groups. The percussion action gets into the deep muscles like the many layers of the glutes.

The flat headed attachment works well on any area except the spine. It would be nice for an allover massage or on a lower setting, it would be perfect for a light vibration for a more sensitive patient.
This works best on pressure points or targeted therapy around a joint. It penetrates pretty deep which is great for a more muscular body type, but caution should be used on a new injury or if you have decreased sensation. I would advise starting on a low level and going slow at first.

I think that where this particular brand shines is in the multiple levels of power. Most of the brands that I researched had 5 speed levels. This one has 30! This might sound like overkill, but I found it very helpful. My husband is a big man and used a moderately high level on most areas, but there’s still quite a few levels that he could grow into at some point.

Excuse my hairy bear of a husband, but this really shows how powerful the percussion can get.

I needed the lower levels at first, but I was quickly able to tolerate a little more. For those of us with limited sensation, it’s incredibly important to start off slow so our bodies can adjust. This is not available in most massagers so it was great to see such a wide range in this one.

Some various odds and ends that weren’t crucial, but still nice include the long battery life, the ability to recharge it fairly quickly, and the easy to read LED display.

Closing thoughts:

Does it completely replace the skin to skin contact and human connection that a traditional massage delivers? No, but it’s a very close second. It’s also a lot easier for someone with mobility problems to manage on a regular basis. For the price of one deep tissue massage, this provides hours of easily accessible massage therapy in the privacy of your home.

Sunba Youth was kind enough to give me a sample to use for this post, but I was not paid for the review or influenced in any way. If you would like to purchase your own, here is a link to the product listing on Amazon.

SUNBA YOUTH Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle Massager, Handheld Massager with Carrying Case Massage Gun for Athletes, Ultra-Quiet 30 Speed Levels Electric Massager for Sore Muscle and Stiffness

Aromatherapy for Pain Management


Life is pain, highness; anyone who says differently is selling something


It contains 90% methyl salicylate, which is found in aspirin. It was used to treat pain before chemical-based pain relievers were invented in the early 1900’s. It is known to produce cortisone-like effects that can help alleviate of pain quickly.


It has been used to treat arthritis, lower back pain and post-op pain. Studies have shown that it can relax cancer patients and reduce their level of pain.


It is used to relieve cluster headaches and migraines. Applied topically, peppermint essential oil has a cooling and soothing effect. It can also be energizing.


It is very calming and promotes restful sleep. It is also a great addition to massage oil because it relaxes the muscles and the mind.


This one is invigorating and can improve focus and alertness. It also opens up the sinuses.