Instant Pot Veggie Soup


6 button mushrooms, sliced

A handful of porcini mushrooms (dried)

2 medium carrots (peeled, halved lengthways, sliced)

2 celery stalks, sliced

1 cup tomatoes, diced

1 red onion, diced

1 small zucchini, diced

1 tbsp coconut oil

½ tsp chili powder

4 cloves garlic, minced

4 cups vegetable stock

1 bay leaf


Set your instant pot to the ‘Sauté’ mode to preheat it.

Add the diced onion, sliced celery, coconut oil, sliced carrots, and salt.

Cook for 2 minutes or until the onions are softened.

Next, add the chili powder, sliced mushrooms, diced garlic, and dried porcini mushrooms.

Saute for about 2 minutes.

Add the chopped tomatoes, sliced zucchini, bay leaf, and vegetable stock.

Cover the instant pot with the lid and set the pressure valve to the ‘Seal’ mode.

Press the ‘Manual’ button and set the cooking time to 10 minutes at high pressure.

Allow the pressure drop naturally for about 2 minutes and then do a quick pressure release.

Instant Pot Apple Cinnamon Quinoa


1 cup quinoa, rinsed

1 ½ cups water

¼ teaspoon sea salt

1 apple, peeled, cored, and chopped

2 tablespoons cinnamon

½ teaspoon vanilla


1. Combine all ingredients to the Instant Pot.

2. Switch the vent to “sealing”.

3. Set the Manual button to high pressure for 8 minutes.

4. Do natural pressure release.

Roasted Red Pepper Soup


2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

2 shallots, chopped

2 garlic cloves, minced

6 roasted red bell peppers, chopped

1 cup wild rice

2 cups vegetable stock

1 cup diced tomatoes

1 bay leaf

½ teaspoon dried thyme



Saute the shallots and garlic in the oil for 2 minutes. Add the rest of the ingredients and season with salt and pepper. Cook on low heat for 25 minutes. Puree in batches until smooth.

Instant Pot Sweet Potato and Acorn Squash

Ingredients :

1 large sweet potato, peeled and sliced

3 cups butternut squash cubes

1 cup water

2 tablespoons butter

½ onion, diced

1 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon thyme

1 teaspoon dried parsley, or 1 tablespoon fresh



1. Place the sweet potatoes, water, and butternut squash slices into the pot.

2. Press the Manual button and cook on high pressure for 10 minutes.

3. Do quick pressure release and drain the water.

4. Remove the sweet potatoes and butternut squash into a bowl.

5. Press the Sauté button and cook the butter and onion.

6. Add the sweet potatoes, butternut squash, salt, thyme, and parsley.

7. Cook for an additional 5 minutes or until hot.

Sweet Potato Hummus


1 sweet potato, cubed

2 cups cooked chickpeas

2 garlic cloves, minced

1 Tablespoon cumin

1 teaspoon sriracha

pinch of nutmeg

pinch of cinnamon

4 Tablespoons tahini

Juice from 1/2 a lemon

2 Tablespoons olive oil


Boil potatoes until soft. Drain the water and allow potatoes to cool. Blend all the ingredients together in a food processor until smooth.