Oatmeal Appreciation Month

January is Oatmeal Appreciation Month and I wanted to share my favorite recipes.   I know that a lot of people think oatmeal is gross, but it is my favorite food.  My mission is to make you love this budget friendly,  pantry staple.

Plain oatmeal is kind of bland so it really needs to be jazzed up a bit.  I have tons of recipies that I am going to share, but first let’s talk about all of the awesome health benefits of oatmeal.

It may help control blood sugar levels.

It’s super cheap and has a long shelf life.

It is a good source of vegan protein.

It leaves you feeling fuller for longer so it can aid in weight loss.




  1. oatmeal is my go -to – it’s also great for dry and itchy skin for this cold winter!!

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  2. AJ · January 2

    Oatmeal is my every day breakfast year round:)


  3. I love oatmeal! Have it for breakfast 4 to 5 days a week, never the same, and of course all kinds of cookies and oatmeal bakes and casseroles and don’t forget granola….how could anybody not love oatmeal?

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