Being Comfortable in Disability

This is so true. It’s very hard to feel okay with how I look when others treat me like I’m broken. My body isn’t perfect, but it has still done amazing things. It created life and my lopsided breasts nourished him for two years. That’s not conventional beauty, but it’s still pretty freaking awesome.

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  1. mommythebanker · November 8, 2017

    Not to compare battlescars but my grandmother had polio has a child and spent the rest of her life handicapped. It was always interesting to watch who accepted her disability, who helped her, held doors etc and others who couldn’t have cared less….like she was an annoyance because she walked slow or took up space because of her scooter. I have such respect for anyone who has to face this world with “battlescars” – I really enjoy your blog. ❤️

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