1. The Real Reality Show Blog · October 27, 2017

    It’s easy to miss many diseases in so many cases. With a diagnosis of Wegener’s (GPA), and autoimmune vasculitis similar to Lupus, and on dialysis while awaiting my evaluation for a kidney transplant, my life has been dramatically and for ever changed. Yet to see me I look like any other old geezer. That is sometimes the most difficult part of this disease. I’ve followed Selena’s stories and wish her my prayers for a lifetime recovery and my hopes that she increases awareness for all autoimmune diseases.

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    • askagimp · October 27, 2017

      I’m so sorry to hear that you are struggling with health problems. I agree that invisible disabilities are harder in many ways than physical disabilities. Most of the time, people see my wheelchair and cut me some slack. However, my bestie has severe anxiety and people have said some truly vile things to her. There are days when she can’t even get out of bed which is a lot more crippling in my opinion. When celebrities like Selena are brave enough to be so open about their illnesses, it raises a lot of awareness not only for their condition, but for the disabled community in general.

      When I read this article, I was blown away by her friend’s sacrifice. That’s true friendship. Plus she is so young, but still mature enough to do whatever she could to help her.

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