Pancakes with Pureed Strawberries



These delicious pancakes are more dense than normal because they use almond meal instead of flour, so they’re quite filling.  Plus they are perfect for a Paleo or gluten free diet.

Makes about 10 pancakes



1 ½ cups almond meal

2 eggs

½ teaspoon vanilla extract

½ teaspoon ground cinnamon

½ cup applesauce or other fruit puree

¼ teaspoon baking powder

¼ cup coconut milk, or more as needed

1 teaspoon olive oil, for frying

1 cup strawberries, for topping


Mix the almond meal, eggs, vanilla extract, cinnamon, baking powder and coconut milk.

Spread the olive oil over a griddle at medium-high heat.

Spoon the batter onto the griddle and fry until bubbles form and the pancake’s edges are dry.

Flip the pancakes and cook until they’re golden browned.

Repeat with the rest of the batter.

Puree the strawberries in a food processor or blender and top the pancakes with the pureed strawberries.


  1. mistimaan · September 19, 2017

    Very yummy recipe 🙂


  2. WholisticallyHannah · September 19, 2017


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  3. badparentingweb · September 19, 2017

    Thought I’d offer another alt-pancake (or waffle) recipe that we developed for our kid (because we can be freaks about flour consumption.

    Throw into a blender:

    2-3 eggs
    1 banana
    1/4 to 3/4 C oats
    Dash vanilla
    Dash salt
    1 tbsp Chia seeds

    You’ll have to play around with density. If you use too many oats, it can be pretty thick (dilute with milk or soy milk). If it’s too runny, you’ll want to add more oats or banana. Either way, there’s no gluten, it can be made dairy free, and it’s pretty high in protein (for pancakes and without using something like whey protein).

    Thanks for YOUR recipe. I love anything with almonds and will try this recipe this weekend.

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    • askagimp · September 20, 2017

      Thanks for sharing your recipe. Being gluten free can get complicated sometimes so I am always looking for new recipes. 😁

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  4. Ron Besaw · November 5, 2017

    Awesome article! Try this paleo diet, it worked wonders for me:


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  6. Ursula · February 20, 2018

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