REM Sleep

I found this article on the importance of REM sleep:

I know many of us have problems sleeping, usually because of pain.  There are many tricks you can try to help you get some Z’s.

1. Only use your bed for sleeping and sex.

This one can be a bit tricky because we often need to rest throughout the day, but it gives your body the cue that bed=sleep.  Try to lie down on the couch or a recliner if you need to rest, but not sleep.

2.  Try self hypnosis

It can help you unwind and calm your mind to help you feel drowsy.   You can listen to a CD, try an app or even learn how to do it from a hypnotherapist,  but I like this one.


3. The darker the better

This study shows the effects of light on melatonin levels, the hormone that helps to balance your sleep cycles.

4.  Consider taking a melatonin supplement

Many things can mess up melatonin production,  but special needs children are the hardest hit.

In this study, most of the ASD and Fragile X syndrome children showed improvement in their insomnia after taking a melatonin supplement.  Speaking from personal experience,  N’s doctor recommend 3mg and he slept like the dead.  It helped him so much that hubby and I started using it too.  There are many different brands and dosages out there, but this is the one I use.


And since N can’t swallow pills yet, we use this chewable.



I hope this information helps you with your insomnia.  This post does contain affiliate links, but don’t feel pressured to buy these specific items.  I just wanted to share the one’s that I use personally since I can’t vouch for anything else.





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