Gimpy TV : Speechless

As a wheelchair user and a mom of a special needs child, I really thought I was going to hate this show when I saw the first previews. These types of shows are always a hit or a miss with nothing in between. Thankfully my husband convinced me to give it a shot and now I am hooked. Usually shows with disabled characters remind me of After School Specials that either portray us as pathetic burdens on everyone around us or call us inspirational for doing everyday tasks. Speechless is very realistic and it still manages to be funny while being relatable to disabled people, caregivers, and able bodied people alike. It doesn’t tiptoe around such issues as siblings who feel a little neglected, the tendency to feel overprotective of a special needs child or parents who sometimes disagree over the care plan. It is also very rare to see a disabled actor playing a disabled character. My only complaint is the reasoning for his assistant. If he was supposed to help him with other things I could understand, but why would he need someone for the sole purpose of reading from his communication board? They made a point of saying that the mother is constantly chasing new developments in therapy so why wouldn’t he have an IPad with a speak for yourself app? In the first episode she said he was finally getting at a voice. He’s in high school and practically a man! Don’t you think it’s a little late for that especially when an app can do the same thing?  Despite a few missteps, I urge you to check it out because it really is a great show.  Below is a link to the episodes on Amazon or you can find it on ABC.


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