Gimpy TV: South Park

South Park certainly doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to sensitive issues.  The issue of disability has come up several times and they even have several regular characters that have some forms of disability such as the school nurse, Timmy, and Jimmy.  My favorite episode is the Krazy Kripples  episode from season seven. As a wheelchair user and the mother of a severely autistic child, I howled with laughter. In that awesome way that only South Park can, it explained some issues in the disabled community while being completely hilarious. There really are people who pity people who were disabled by an accident while treating those of us who were born different like freaks of nature. Neither is the proper way to see us. I love the way Timmy and Jimmy are treated by the other characters. Most of the adults are overly sensitive which is a little patronizing. The kids are brutally honest like children often are, but they always treat them like normal kids and make sure they are part of the group. This is how people who are different want to be treated — like people.




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