Disability stereotype:Angry Cripple

This one has an element of truth, but not how you think.   We aren’t angry because we aren’t “normal” or “perfect”.  We aren’t jealous of AB people or their lifestyle.  We are downright mad that in the twenty first century we still have to endure discrimination and violence because we are different.  Disabled children are the victims of bullying and if it is adressed by the school at all it is only to say that maybe they need to be in a special school if they can’t handle the normal kids.  We are the victims of domestic violence and many times it is even worse than physical violence .  Sometimes it’s being denied medicine or access to mobility devices as a way of controlling us against our will.  Anyone in an abusive relationship should try to leave but many resources, like women’s shelters, are not accessible or otherwise ill equipped to accommodate a disabled person.  The day to day passive dismissal of our civil rights is enough to make me want to scream.  Being stranded in a parking lot because someone parked in the extra space beside the handicapped spot that is for our ramps or wheelchair lifts because an AB was in a hurry is appalling but it still happens everyday.  Could you imagine the outrage if AB people were denied access to their cars?  Heads would roll!  But when it happens to us it becomes a platform for complaining about the “privilege” of handicapped parking.  It was before my time but many of you may remember when some public places were labeled”whites only”.  I think it is safe to say that the vast majority of society would not stand for such racism now but how many times have you heard someone say ADA laws are unconstitutional and are ruining small businesses.  Why is it okay to say we don’t belong?  So, no, we aren’t angry that life isn’t fair.  We are angry that we are being denied basic human rights and the majority of people don’t even notice.