Disability stereotype : Sad Cripple

Most AB people cannot imagine life with a disability and assume that every disabled person wants to die because they live in such misery.  Do we get depressed?   Sure, but so do AB’s.  Those of us that became disabled suddenly usually have an adjustment period where we greive our old life and fear the challenges ahead of us.  Some people do become seriously depressed and even suicidal, but nothing lasts forever, even sorrow.   Slowly the feelings of fear and sadness slip away and he realizes that being disabled isn’t a fate worse than death.  The world is full of so many wonderful things that makes life worth living and they cannot be taken away by illness, not completely.  I’m reminded of the disability snuff film “Million Dollar Baby”.  In the end the main character becomes a quad and begs her friend to end her suffering by killing her.  Rather than encouraging her he just killed her.  Oh how I wish I could have jumped through the Tv screen and told her it gets better.  Of course it is a hard adjustment but so is any major life change.  Our lives have good parts and bad, just like anyone else’s.   It is so sad that she couldn’t make it through that rough patch until good times came along.  Make no mistake — we have joy that more than makes up for our challenges.   We rejoice, we make love, we laugh, we have friends and loved ones, and we live life to the fullest.