You can’t say “gimp “

I know what you are thinking — “You can’t say gimp.  It’s not politically correct”.   You’re right … but that doesn’t mean I don’t hear it.  And, sadly,  my children hear it on a regular basis.   By using the word I take some of the sting out of hearing it from AB’s.   I’m sure most of you will agree that using degrading words is just plain wrong, but what about other kinds of ableist comments.   Why is it ok to say things like “your child has autism? How terrible! ” or “I would rather die than be in a wheelchair “?  Having a disability isn’t bad or wrong,  it’s just different.   A child with autism simply sees the world in a different way.  Who is to say whether it is better or worse than the way an average child thinks?  And a person with a condition that requires them to use a wheelchair has a life filled with a million different experiences and the wheelchair is only one of them.  I feel that such comments are actually more offensive because of the thoughts behind them.  Gimp is just a word, but such statements imply that a disability somehow makes our lives less important.  I think as a society we are more concerned with sounding PC than learning to truly accept a person as they are.  This is why I don’t use PC terms but I’m a big fan of common sense.  I thought that it was obvious that I didn’t name my blog “ask a gimp” because I hate t


he disabled but apparently not.  Ironically, not one angry email was from a person with disability, just PC people.