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I have several friends with disabilities that have as little to do with able bodied (AB) people as possible, preferring to befriend other disabled people. Everyone I questioned about this had the same answer – “AB’s just don’t get it. They don’t just treat us like we’re different ; they act like we’re broken. Most of them stare. Some of them talk over us like we can’t even understand them. They get so uncomfortable with the outside that they don’t even try to see the inside ” Those with invisible disabilities or chronic illness that look “normal ” suffer too. One man explained that even his close friends and family pulled away from him when he became ill. “I got so tired of hearing that I looked fine so I must be fine. I was constantly getting stupid advise like ‘cheer up! ‘ and too many copies of the serenity prayer to count. People would get angry because I couldn’t do some of the things I could before I got sick. It was too hard to be surrounded by people that just couldn’t understand my life.” Does this mean that all AB people are mean and unfeeling? Of course not! I think that ableism stems from a fear of what we don’t understand. Most AB people don’t have any close friends with disabilities and since it is so taboo to ask someone personal questions about their disability how can they understand? That’s why I started this blog. Anyone can ask anything, no matter how personal, and remain anonymous if they wish. I, too, will remain anonymous so there is no need to be embarrassed. I truly believe that with just a little insight into disability culture that you will find that we really aren’t that different after all.